Why Choose to Rent With Us?

  1. Our cars are fuel efficient
  2. Unlimited Mileage
  3. We Have Automatic / Manual Cars
  4. Self Drive or w/ Driver CarsĀ 


We serve in these locations:

  1. Bacoor
  2. Imus
  3. Dasmarinas

Requirements for Renting a Car:

  1. 2 Valid ID's
  2. Signed Contract Paper (Paper to sign will be provided by us)
  3. Contact Number

Advantages of a rented self-drive car in Cavite


Safety is one of the biggest issues when it comes to driving. Drivers are usually overworked and most of the time they only get few hours of sleep. That is the reason why some of them rely on energy drinks and cigarettes - just something to boost them up while driving. And aren't we all familiar with the view on the streets where drivers are snoozing on their parked car beside the road? Since you are the one driving with self-drive rented car, you can, most likely, control the speed of the vehicle, and the way you approach your destination.


Stop over anytime, anywhere

Another reason for using a self-drive rented car is that, when you go out with your self-drive car and passed by a beautiful place unexpectedly, you can just pull off your car on the side quickly and stop on the spot. Glamour and be mesmerized by the views as much as you can and as much as you want. Just don't ever forget to do the pinnacle of your trip - selfie!


Own convenience and comfort

Our public transportation as of now is so bad, you will be stucked in traffic wherever you go. Not to mention all of the road constructions you will encounter as you go by your tour. When you choose to transport publicly instead of renting a self-drive car, chances are, you will be forced to spend a lot of time with foreign people during the trip. Bringing your kids and lots of staff is also hassle for you got a very limited space to sit on. Just imagine if you will just rent a self-drive car, you can choose the style of the vehicle, the size, and capacity for seaters - whether you need a truck-like-pick-ups or a sedan. You can even drive your dream car, even if it's just for a day!



Not getting a driver does not just give you the freedom and privacy you wanted, but also you can save a lot of money by not hiring one. You don't need to bother yourself to buy him food or drink. If the place you'll be going to will have an entrance fee, then you can already cut a cost for one person.


Most of all looking for a Self Drive Car Rental in Cavite is an ideal thing to do because it is near in some of the tourist destinations like the Cold Weather of Tagaytay, Hot Spa's of Laguna, and Beaches of Batangas.